The Bathroom Digital Signage That Measures Dwell Time

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The VODXS digital signage network, consisting of more than 1,000 taps with attached digital screens, is launching with advanced analytics in casinos, sports and leisure venues and a museum.

A digital out of home advertising network with a difference is launching in the US – with digital signage screens attached to bathroom taps and analytics which can measure viewers’ dwell time at the sink.

A promotional video describing the technology says that guests of a Las Vegas hotel which has installed the technology “are intrigued and a little bit wowed by it”.

VODXS (Visual On Demand Experience Solution) has launched an Initial Inventory Offering aimed at advertisers. With more than 1,000 units currently in use at high-traffic venues such as the Caesars/Harrah’s Casino Group, the AEG Global Group, and Washington DC’s Newseum, the VODXS Ecosystem consists of a global network of connected taps that engage with and reward consumers when they perform an essential task they do every day – wash their hands.

The same sensor technology that recognises hands beneath a hands-free tap and triggers the release of water can also be applied to recognise someone standing in front of the tap and trigger the delivery of video advertising. Paired with a mobile app for consumer interaction, the VODXS technology gets smarter with each tap engagement, and the advertising gets more targeted.

VODXS taps can include a sponsor logo, and can also include a branded “skin” to create stronger brand memorability. Sponsors interested in participating in the VODXS Initial Inventory Offering will benefit from the VODXS proprietary software management solution, allowing advertisements to be controlled remotely, as well as providing tracking for impression volume, tap engagements, and ROI. Moreover, VODXS’ patented solution can report back via a dashboard of realtime analytics to verify impression delivery and audience measurement, as well as previously difficult to measure metrics, such as dwell time. Lastly, each and every ad impression delivered via the VODXS network will be 100% verified on the backend via blockchain technology.

“We’re extremely excited about the launch of this new and innovative digital advertising platform,” said Scott Brown, chairman and CEO at VODXS. “The opportunities are truly limitless as to the application of our patented technology, and to the benefits it offers to each link in the value chain.”

“Advertisers love VODXS since it delivers highly targeted impressions and they receive analytics that offer people-based measurement for realtime ROI. High-traffic venues, such as stadiums, casinos, restaurants and healthcare providers, love it since they can capture data on their employees’ hand washing best practices, maintain greater water usage efficiency via our hands-free solution, all while receiving a portion of the advertising revenue delivered. Lastly, consumers love it since their regular engagement with the faucet and mobile app results in them receiving targeted discounts and rewards opportunities.”

The VODX Sponsor Offering runs until 8 July and includes significant discounts based on the commitment levels of early adopter sponsors.

Established in 2014, VODXS is a global technology and media service provider, based in San Diego, California, that specialises in digital place-based advertising, delivered via a fully integrated automatic tap with a built-in digital display unit.

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