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digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

Creative LED Display Solution

LED screens have now advanced and surpassed the conventional aspect with new, revolutionary LED products by bringing creativity to the next level. A new trend has emerged on the market with a variety of sizes from the smallest to various forms of LED products. This creative product has an intelligent lighting effect on a large-scale background, shape and size while displaying a full motion logo or video.

digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

Advertising LED Display Solution

In the field of commercial advertising, Iconic has developed a standard outdoor cabinet to facilitate the installation of displays that use different pixels, suitable for exhibitions and outdoor advertising. Complete solutions with excellent features include high reliability, adaptability, and intelligent control.

digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

Rental LED Display Solution

Make events more unique and dynamic starting with a great vision. The LED Rental display screen is one of the fastest growing areas in the production and direct event industry. Innovative & creative LED display Indoor & Outdoor designed with Iconic LED display can help drive your event better than ever.

digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

Stadium LED Display Solution

Historically, stadium banner board banners are static graphics. Obviously limiting each viewing board only to promote from one advertiser. Currently, it has been replaced with LED stadium surround displays. LED scrolling display boards that act as electronic billboards as potential for advertisers, this gives stadiums and clubs great potential for advertising revenue. Iconic stadium LED Display is designed specifically for all types of stadiums.

digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

LCD Digital Signage

Digital information technology packaged in providing attractive and attractive visual spectacle, contains various information in the form of images, videos, scroll text, charts, graphics, schedule, news, weather presented dynamically using electronic display media such as LCD / LED TV, as output.

digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

LCD Videowall

Is a combination of several lcd, can be a combination of 2/4/6/9 / more LCD monitor displays images from various input signal sources such as Composite signal, RGB, component, HDMI. Displayed on video wall in various shapes and sizes. So with 1 video wall can display 1 full picture one input signal source or 1 large screen / large lcd with various size of input signal display.

digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

LCD Kiosk

Computer device with LCD display with touchscreen and sound system. Everything is combined and put in a fused cabinet, and is designed with an appeal. The cabinet can be called kiosk, pedestal, enclosure. In higher specifications, this cabinet can be equipped with various other equipment such as printer, webcam, card reader, biometric, ups and so on, depending on the need.

digitaliconic led lcd indoor outdoor digital signage

Command Center

In general, the Command Center is a location or place of control, coordination, and decision-making providers. Command Center can be equipped and integrated with various devices, systems and technology, including audio visual device that is large format display, lcd Video Wall or led display connected with Video Controller as display media. Display media is integrated with other IT devices and applications tailored to the needs.

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