Lego’s interactive billboards let you build with a hand gesture

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Following the premier of “Solo: a Star Wars Story,” Lego is promoting its Star Wars-themed brick sets in the U.K. with an interactive outdoor campaign that lets people “build” with a swipe of their hands.

The interactive campaign uses gesture sensor technology inviting passers-by to engage with Lego sets on-screen. Each person is prompted to choose a side and start building the spaceships of the new galaxy. The faster they build, the higher the score on the force meter as they strive to “become a true Jedi Master.” Participants are rewarded with the opportunity to “take a photo with the crew,” to share on social.

The week-long campaign was a collaborative effort, conceived by Initiative, with production, animation and interactive build by Grand Visual. It’s running at U.K. shopping malls London’s Bluewater and Newcastle Metro Centre.

One feature in Lego retail shops (at least in the States) allows kids to hold box sets in front of a screen to unlock a special animation via AR. It would be a lot more fun if this idea of active building could be incorporated into the in-store experience as well.

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