Augmented reality bus shelter boosts awareness for TV show

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It’s no surprise that it can be difficult to draw a consumer’s eye away from their cell phone, especially when they are out and about. One way advertisers are attempting to stand out is by integrating augmented reality elements into their displays. Russ Outdoor, for example, recently teamed up with Russian broadcaster TNT to craft an AR campaign to boost awareness for the Russian TV show, “Holostyak.” (Russia’s version of “The Bachelor”)

The OOH Russian company deployed a display at a bus shelter in Moscow, which featured a promotional image of the show on one side, and another side with virtual rose petals floating around the display.

As users approached the display, the rose petals would begin to spin around in circles and an image of the actor would appear on the display. The display is transparent, allowing users to take selfies of themselves with the actor.

“The camera, installed on the back of the advertising structure, broadcasts a live stream to the screen, in which real-time, pre-prepared content is superimposed on a transparent background, thereby creating the effect of augmented reality. In this campaign, a video with augmented reality is broadcast in a cycle along with the regular advertiser’s video. In this case, the opaque animated poster smoothly passes into the picture from the camera, after which a sequence of augmented reality is displayed on top,” according to the Youtube video’s description.

Customers in the video were intrigued by the floating rose petals and were further amused by the appearance of the actor from the TV show.

Employees from JCDecaux, an OOH advertising company, voted for this campaign as the best one of March 2018. JCDecaux has done a variety of AR campaigns, such as an anti-smoking ad, a sneaker game and a VR washing machine game.

You can watch the Russ Outdoor campaign in action below.

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